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About Supply Chain Optimizers

Supply Chain Optimizers is a management advisory firm founded upon the principle of taking waste out of the supply chain. Our solutions have traditionally delivered savings in the 10-20% range of total supply chain cost. We also deliver dramatic improvements in our client’s sustainability as a result of our recommendations. For a computation of what this can save for your company, please look at: How much can we cut your costs.

Our packaging optimization business has been active for over 25 years during which time we have completed more than 500 projects. Our projects have shown significant savings and we typically operate on a gain sharing basis. If we cannot develop savings for our clients, there is no charge for our services. With e-commerce growing at a much faster rate than the total economy, packaging optimization has taken on new urgency for many shippers wrestling with the shipping complexity inherent in this sector. SCO has specific, unmatched expertise in e-commerce and a strong track record to back up that claim.

The SCO team has many years of international experience, especially on the northern border between USA and Canada. We apply our operating knowledge to help clients navigate the complexity of dealing with customs and regulations in two countries. In fact, we can manage the border crossing process for clients on a continuing basis.

If your issue involves the supply chain, more than likely we have already dealt with a similar problem in the past. Because we are staffed with experienced operating executives, we have real world knowledge in all facets of supply chain operations. The business services we offer are specific to areas in which we have such expertise, so that we can outperform direct competitors and, in all cases, deliver excellent results that have major bottom line impact for our clients.


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