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Supply Chain Optimizers is staffed with highly experienced executives who have held key international positions with major firms. A number of these executives utilize their backgrounds to educate managers from other companies through various development venues. One of our partners is a licensed US Customs Broker and everyone else on the list below has worked extensively in the international sector. This means we have a unique combination of real world experience and current knowledge of rules and regulations which are changing every day.

Our international offering is to analyze import and export operations for compliance, management control and cost efficiency. We’ll spend a relatively short time – days not weeks - reviewing client functions in order to generate a report card for senior management. The client can then correct the deficiencies internally, retain outside expertise or engage SCO to implement changes. The important point is that the client controls the process and decides how to apply corrective action which may or may not include SCO. Our report card will provide the road map to process and cost improvement but the client has implementation options.

These are the resources SCO brings to international projects:

Jack Ampuja - President, Buffalo, NY [View Bio]
Six years as Director of Logistics with Tambrands when that company did business in 140 countries. Responsible for all import & export operations. During Jack’s tenure Tambrands bought other companies in Mexico, Brazil, Spain and Turkey. Also expanded manufacturing base from US, Canada, UK, Ireland and South Africa to China, Ukraine and Georgia. Ten years as VP – Purchasing & Logistics with Rich Products while that company grew from five countries to 75 and added production in Mexico, Colombia, Italy, China, and India. More background as Sr VP Operations with Fisher Scientific world leader in scientific supplies with 350,000 customers in 145 countries. In addition to leading SCO Jack is also the lead presenter on International management development programs for the Center for Supply Chain Excellence at Niagara University.

Peter Stirling - Executive Vice President, Charleston, SC [View Bio]
Seven years as Vice President International Services & Operations with Ocean Spray including leadership responsibility for Latin American business unit. Peter’s background includes international logistics and operations, government grants funding, sales administration, tax structure and customs compliance in support of all international business units. At Ocean Spray he led the integration of Canada into the corporate structure and was responsible for the management of 25 international contract manufacturers around the world. Peter also has extensive experience in systems design and management for operations and logistics functions.

David Cormany – Regional Vice President – Chicago, IL
16 years of importing experience from Asia, Europe, and South America into the United States. Products represented were both packaged and in bulk. Adept at identifying and solving issues that can arise when dealing with international shipments. These issues encompass everything from the actual transportation to documentation, classification of product, and insurance.

Guy Gessner, Ph.D. – Vice President, Outsourcing - Buffalo NY
Over 20 years experience consulting with companies across North America. Primary areas of experience and expertise include: customer relationship and customer service management, asset-based and non-asset based logistics management, demand management and forecasting. Guy offers significant experience in the Canadian market and also teaches courses on conducting business in Canada and global logistics. He has designed and delivered numerous surveys on border crossing activity for the Canadian Consulate in Buffalo.

Chris Graham – Regional Vice President – Rochester NY
Over 20 years of experience with Eastman Kodak and Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics division of Johnson & Johnson. At Kodak Chris worked in Import Operations and International Transportation. At Johnson & Johnson, he was Regional Operations Manager for several years in Southeast Asia where he helped create and then manage the Singapore Distribution Center.  He also served as Manager, International Order Fulfillment in the US where his teams successfully managed several key ERP systems upgrades and oversaw the Distribution Division’s successful ISO 9002 certification. Chris shares his international knowledge while lecturing at Syracuse  University’s Franklin Center for Supply Chain Management.

William Kuffner - Vice President Marketing, Buffalo, NY [View Bio]
30 years in the financial services industry, executive positions at M & T Bank, Continental Bank of Chicago and Citibank, international assignments in Europe and West Africa, extensive experience in letter of credit processing. Bill’ logistics background comes from his time as a Marine Corps Officer and Vietnam veteran where he served as a battalion logistics motor transport officer.

Gary MacNew - Regional Vice President – Calgary, AB
Twenty years of cross border experience working in Canada and the United States with Reckitt-Benckiser, Rich Products, and UFA Cooperative. Gary’s background also includes work in the Europe, Mexico, and China. Led a global initiative for Reckitt Benckiser on “Serving the Customer” working with subsidiaries in Asia, South America, Africa, Europe and North America in developing common supply chain practices and processes. At Rich Products, he worked with Mexican and Chinese companies to design supply chain strategies and improve supply chain performance. He is a board member of the Canadian-American Border Trade Alliance, which promotes efficient and productive border crossing capabilities between the two countries.

Dan Reilly - Regional Vice President – Alanata, GA [View Bio]
Over 30 years as corporate executive and consultant. Served as Vice President of Distribution & Transportation for both Value City Department Stores and Big Lots.  Dan was also Director/General Manager of Distribution for Marshalls Department Stores (now a division of TJX).  His experience covers all phases of supply chain management, construction, material handling installation, site selection, productivity improvement, and safety analysis.

Scott Reynolds - Vice President, International - Philadelphia PA
Over 30 years experience in international logistics and high volume pick-pack operations with companies handling a diverse range of products. He has developed distribution strategies for four companies importing from over 30 countries. Scott has an undergraduate degree from Penn State and a Master’s degree in Quality Systems from the Nation Graduate School of New England; he is a black belt in Six Sigma, has Lean experience and a “Jonah” certificate from Washington State University. Scott is a licensed US Customs Broker.

Edmund Rucels - Regional Vice President, Toronto, ON [View Bio]
Over 35 years of technology industry experience with Northern Telecom and Psion Teklogix where he directed global vertical marketing focusing on the cold chain, refrigerated warehouses, food industry and container ports for the AIDC industry. Ed’s International sales and marketing initiatives included growing businesses in the United Kingdom, Belgium, Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Greece, Turkey, Egypt, South Africa, Hong Kong, Panama and Chile.


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