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Freight Bill Post Audit
Freight bills for all modes of transport should be audited after they have been paid. This includes freight moving via small package ground and air, less-than-truckload, truckload, or ocean carriers. The reason for this audit is that so many errors are made in billing. In fact the invoicing process is so fraught with errors that we are willing to review bills several other auditors have already analyzed because we'll usually find enough missed errors to make our work worthwhile.

All of our post auditing is done on a gain share basis.if we cannot identify billing errors and collect reimbursement from the carrier there is no charge for the service. Our auditor will actually file the reimbursement claim and collect a check made out to the client. Only after we pass along the check to the client do we send an invoice for our services. Our post audit service has been in business for more than 30 years. Some of the clients using this no-risk service include:

· Eastman Kodak
· Fisher Scientific
· Liz Claiborne
· North American Philips
· Olin Chemical
· Praxair
· Rhone Poulenc
· Unilever
· Westinghouse Electric


Small Package Tracking
While the major small package carriers such as UPS, FedEx and DHL are highly capable services, industry studies show that approximately 5% of deliveries arrive late. Many shippers realize that some late deliveries do occur but do not know that they can collect 100% of the transportation charges on these shipments. In fact there are over $2 billion of reimbursable charges in the US each year which are never collected only because no one asks for the money.

Our small package tracking service will provide clients with an on-line tool which captures late delivery information directly from the carriers. The client then files for reimbursements electronically. There is an annual subscription fee to utilize this on-line service but most users have recovered this fee from reimbursements within 90 days and actually make money from the service the rest of the year.

Ocean Container Tracking
The longer the supply chain...the greater the risk of disruption. For this reason SCO offers a reliable and extremely cost effective personalized service for ocean container tracking. SCO's service is based on people and technology; real people actually check on container status every day. So...if there is a delay it is evident to us immediately and the customer is notified by telephone or email as they have chosen. Among the features of SCO's service:

  • We ensure that all paperwork is in place with the freight forwarder, shipping line and destination customs
  • After a shipment reaches port we expedite the land portion of delivery
  • Details of the shipment are recapped in a speadsheet which is routinely supplied to the customer Some of the benefits from tracking containers:
  • More on-time deliveries
  • Identification of port bottlenecks
  • Avoidance of delays causing fines and penalties
  • Customer can get daily updates on current container status
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