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Material Logistics Design For Leading Edge Supply Chain Strategy:

Industry: Aerospace/Defense (large corporation)

Opportunity: Show how to save money and reduce inventory by redesigning the inbound materials supply process.

Mission: Perform a business diagnostic of Inbound Material/Supplier Logistics to discover opportunities for improved costs and performance through the application of leading best practices and innovative ISC design.

Results: Benchmarking and simulation predicted these key results:

  • Reduce manufacturing inventory 48%
  • Reduce manufacturing supply chain process costs by 59%
  • Cut cycle time by 58%
  • Improve material availability to manufacturing by 48%

Actions: Led a cross-functional team in the business diagnostic of current state supplier logistics, manufacturing, product planning, material planning, procurement, warehousing, inventory control/management, quality assurance and business systems. Applied industry benchmarking intelligence, best practices and innovation to design and develop a demand driven supply network (DDSN). Positioned supplier logistics within a leading edge supply chain strategy, which integrated supplier logistics with:

  • Strategic sourcing/outsourcing
  • Lean manufacturing
  • Supplier relationship management (SRM)
  • Supplier - vendor managed inventory (VMI)
  • Supplier quality assurance
  • Collaborative planning and forecasting
  • Flow-thru logistics
  • Pull replenishment
  • Return logistics

Implementation and business transition planning included the mapping and selection of Information Technology required to support the future business process. Key performance indicators were developed for Tier I and Tier II business processes.

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