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Distribution & Logistics Productivity/Growth

Industry:  Multi-channel mid-size retail

Problem: To remain competitive need to reduce the cost of distribution operations while managing rapid growth.

Mission: Direct the design and execution of supply chain business process improvements to sustain the enterprise growth and add value through supply chain productivity achievements.


  • Productivity increase of 23% from redesigned business processes and WMS.
  • Double size of distribution while sustaining customer service and productivity
  • Saved 5% on renegotiated small package contracts.
  • Saved 10-15% on import operations.
  • Saved 15-18% with 3PL’s.
  • Improve customer delivery cycle time by 2-3 days.

Actions:  Directed distribution and logistics for a multi-channel retail operation.

  • Led multi-functional teams in business process redesign and business transformation for increased supply chain value add and productivity.
  • Planned and executed the design of an expanded distribution center doubling its size while sustaining customer service.
  • Led the strategy development and negotiations for transportation services.
  • Led the redesign of order fulfillment process for a product segment and the establishment of 3PL service provider.
  • Led multi-functional team in the selection and implementation of a new WMS in support of productivity targets.

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