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Training & Education

While SCO does not market Training & Education as a specific service we have outstanding capability which we utilize to assist clients that want to improve their internal knowledge on all aspects of Supply Chain Management. A common request we have heard from many clients in the past few years is “can you train our people so that we can maintain the optimization SCO has helped put in place? Without education we are concerned that we’ll slip back into past bad practices”.

SCO can create training sessions specific to individual company needs ranging from several hours to numerous days. Because many of our partners are active in college classrooms we are able to couple the most current academic knowledge with leading edge practices we glean from our consulting assignments.

These are the Specialized resources SCO brings to Training & Education:

Dr. Guy Gessner:  Professor – Canisius College,  Buffalo NY

Dr. Jim Kling: Professor – Niagara University,  Lewiston NY

Dr. Chris Ritz: Former Professor – Johns-Hopkins University,  Baltimore MD

Jack Ampuja: Executive in Residence – Niagara University,  Lewiston NY

Craig Densmore: Visiting Professor – Rochester Institute of Technology,  Rochester NY

Dennis Sullivan: Adjunct Professor – Genesee Community College,  Batavia NY

John Hogg: Trainer in Lean Management, Amherst NY

Dan Reilly: Trainer in Management Principles, Atlanta GA

Bob Strassburg: Trainer in Leadership Skills, Amherst NY

Ampuja, Kling and Hogg are all regular seminar presenters for the Center of Supply Chain Excellence at Niagara University


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