Food Logistics 100


Through an arrangement with several shipping consortiums our clients have access to competitive pricing based on:

  • • 10,000 ocean containers per year
  • • $25 million less than truckload per year
  • • Significant small package volume worldwide

Our real world experience coupled with an extensive network of industry connections including partnerships with many logistics companies enables us to resolve on a wide range of transportation issues. Among our capabilities are:

  • Analysis of client’s transportation cost competitiveness
  • Identification of best service and least cost distribution network
  • Establish/review LTL freight classes for accuracy and cost impact
  • Negotiation of service contracts with carriers
  • Measurement of private fleet cost competitiveness
  • Setting up inbound freight programs
  • Designing customer pickup programs
  • Freight bill post audit
  • Small package tracking
  • Ocean container tracking

All of our efforts are focused on reducing costs and improving efficiency for our clients. We can either lead projects or work in tandem with an internal team. In the latter situation our role is to supplement client’s own capabilities which may too limited to handle the entire effort required. The reality in today’s business climate is that no one has excess resources. To the contrary, most companies we are familiar with are extremely thin in staffing…there are always many more projects and work requirements than internal departments can handle. Numerous companies have lost experienced manpower in various cutbacks and have had to replace the departed with much less experienced personnel who don’t have enough knowledge or time to do what is required. SCO can help bridge these capability gaps so that our clients make no permanent manpower adjustment but are still able to deliver much needed cost reductions.


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